Do you find yourself self-sabotaging or avoiding relationships because of something that happened in your past?

Are there times where you tell yourself, “If only I didn’t make that decision, my life would be so much better?”

Are you frustrated that you can’t seem to “get over” something that happened to you years ago?

Well, the good news is, you are not alone.  I’ve been there.  I lived in the world of regret for over a decade, until I realized that my entire life was passing me by.  I was tired of being stuck and decided I was no longer going to allow the pain from my past to limit how God used me.

I discovered…

  • I did not need to be perfect to make a significant impact on this world.
  • The mistakes in my past did not have the final say about my future.
  • God can heal and restore the broken pieces of my life. 

Thankfully, everything I have come to believe and experience is possible for you too!

If you feel stuck due to regret, unforgiveness, shame, or loss, I made this course for you.

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You don’t have to stay stuck.  There is a way forward.  Let me help you get there.